Accurate Roofing Go Cart Christmas Fun Day.

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Our annual Christmas fun day turned out to be the most competitive ever. Following the success of last years clay pigeon shooting (nobody got shot) I am pleased to announce as H&S Manager, that nobody was run over at this year’s event; Go Kart Racing.

Our most Senior Project Manager came the closest by testing his vehicle in reverse (no known gear in a go Kart) when colliding head on with Gavin May. Further mayhem ensued when Barry, the aforementioned reversing expert, while focusing intently on the vehicles passing him, refused to see the return to the pits instruction, thus infuriating his endurance and very competitive team mate, Mr Adrian Humphries. Nevertheless, Adrian and Barry came a competitive 11th of 14!

Family rivalry between Mr Mark Singleton Senior and Billy Singleton Junior was also noted with neither giving way.

The top team award from the office staff went to Mr Mark Singleton and Mr Mark Griffiths who finished in 5th place, the rest of us were truly beaten by younger and thinner competitors.

Top honours went to Mr Steve McQueen Cayford and Chris, Ive’ got my own hat Henley. In second position came Jamie Wright who raced the complete event without a partner and in a creditable 3rd were Wayne Gray and his partner Harry Ring.

A good time was had by all.

Merry Christmas,