Rolls Royce Assembly Plant Chichester

When part of the enormous roof over the main assembly plant at Rolls Royce failed, Accurate Roofing was called in to inspect and provide a condition survey.

Working alongside ‘Alumasc’, a roofing material specialist, a specification was devised and submitted which suggested removing the existing Bio Diversity roof covering without removing hundreds of tonnes of material from the roof, thus saving thousands of pounds and shortening the work programme. Our solution was readily accepted.

The roof was broken down into eight 320 sq. m sections and re-waterproofed with a single layer of ‘Alumasc’s’ Derbigum system. An anti root barrier was installed over the existing covering to provide a completely new roof without taking any of the existing substrate down to ground level. The roof was completely re-covered to budget and programme as agreed with Rolls Royce.

Every so often an interesting challenge arises which needs the concerted effort and expertise of the whole company. This was one of those occasions and the results pleased both us and the client.