Accurate Roofing UK Ltd has enjoyed a good working relationship with Local Authorities and Councils for many years. Within our Company we have a specific refurbishment department which manages local Authority contracts. The type of refurbishment works include: Schools, Hospitals, Housing, Apartment Blocks and just about any civil construction that exists. Our summer holiday period is particularly busy with the release of school works, however our refurbishment department is kept busy throughout the year. Below you will find some examples of our operatives at work on a refurbishment project. In these days of cut backs and tight budgets, the cost effective refurbishment option is often the preferred decision. It is chosen as a way of extending the life of older buildings, thus delaying a proposed new build development programme for more financial stable times. All works are guaranteed and in most cases, with the added insulation, the works are environmentally designed with the resulting reduction of heating / fuel costs and carbon footprint.